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What we do

What we do


We help people at all stages of their economic journey. We provide benefits and welfare advice to ensure that people’s basic needs are met, because without that, many cannot go further. We then support people to seek, secure and maintain sustainable ways of earning income, through employment or enterprise.


Meanwhile, our community and economic regeneration work helps to provide an environment where there are enough opportunities for all, on the next stage of their journey. It also helps to build a more connected and less insular community. From our shopfront hub in the historic Blue Market, and in a range of community settings, we:


  • Offer expert welfare and benefits advice and advocacy to local people experiencing poverty and hardship, in a well-known services blackspot


  • Provide truly holistic employability training, coaching, and confidence-building to help people access ways of increasing their earned income


  • Help connect people to local jobs from all parts of the economy, including those outside the standard ‘job-search’ approach


  • Manage ‘The Blue Market’ – our local, community-led, street market. We provide start-up business support such as training, seed funding and coaching and a low-cost, low-risk space to start trading on at our market!


  • Manage and develop our outdoor community space, the historic market place, offering the local community a place to live, work, and celebrate together


And as part of our ‘People Powered Regeneration’ project with the Made in Bermondsey Partnership,


  • Develop community projects and support community organising
  • Develop and manage infrastructure and capital projects to improve the built environment and create opportunities for local people
  • Advocate on behalf of our community to ensure that local redevelopment and planning meets the needs of our community – not just of property developers




Please contact BLW direct on email: luds@biglocalworks.org.uk

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